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Topic n°1 : Characterization of a transcription factor XXYY roles during plant development






Topic n°2 : Characterization of the importance of proteins XXZZ in normal and pathogenic and/or symbiotic growth conditions - Molecular, cell and physiological studies

This Topic includes:

- Molecular biology - quantitative RT, PCR , Cloning …

- Cell biology - histology, morphology, optique, fluorescent and confocale microscopy

- Physiology (pathogény test, growth test, biomass etc  …

- Biochemistry - Western-Blot, activity ...

These 2 topics are available for Master training and/or for PhD researches

Contact : Marie Baucher

Contact : Fabien Baldacci-Cresp

Stratégies implemented :

 - Localisation /regulation of target gene expression (PCR in situ, RT-qPCR, promoteur-GUS,...)

 - Functionnal characterisation (overexpression, RNAi, amiRNA, mutants);

 - Biochemical charactéerisation

 - Proteine-proteine interactions (two-hybride, TAP-Tagging).